Where To Eat Gluten Free In Austin, TX (Nima Sensor Tested) + A VLOG!

Austin, Texas is one of my favorite gluten-free cities out there. How many times have you visited a city and known that each restaurant you visit will be safe? It's not very often! That's why myself and Nima Sensor teamed up to test a ton of different restaurants in Austin, Texas. We did all of the hard work for you and spent a whole weekend testing the most recommended gluten-free restaurants in the city.

Our goal was to determine if these top gluten-free restaurants were really safe for those with celiac disease. We happily got a lot of smileys which means the food we tested was under 20 ppm of gluten. That is huge! That being said, here are the gluten-free restaurants we visited in Austin, Texas plus a video for some tips on dining out while being gluten-free shared by myself and Celiac and the Beast.

Erica from Celiac and the Beast + Taylor from HaleLife Talk Dining Out with Nima Sensor

The Nima Sensor can definitely make dining out easier but we are still left with the awkward situation when our food actually comes back with gluten. Erica Dermer and myself share our personal experiences on dining out with the Nima Sensor plus some tips to dine out safely while gluten-free.

Best Places to Eat That Are Nima Sensor Tested & Approved

Picnik Austin

This place was my favorite gluten-free restaurant in Austin. The entire restaurant is gluten-free which means you can order everything on the menu! The items range from breakfast Cassava Flour pancakes to a chicken and curry dish. I have to say that each item from here was the best food I have eaten in a very long time. The meals were all seasoned extremely well and everything we tested came back under 20 ppm too, thanks to Nima Sensor. :) I absolutely would put Picnik Austin at the top of your list for places to visit. They are accommodating to dairy free too.

Click Here to View The Picnik Austin Menu!