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Where to Eat Gluten Free in Columbus, OH (Nima Sensor Tested)

Did you know that Columbus, Ohio is where I was born and raised? It's true! I originally started my gluten-free journey here 7 years ago so a lot has changed in the city since then. That being said, this past weekend I was in Columbus once again for the GFFA Fest. As a part of my trip, I got the opportunity to use the Nima Sensor test 3 of the most popular restaurants with gluten-free options in the city! Some I was very familiar with, some I have never been to before. Check out the 3 restaurants I visited below!

Best Places to Eat That Are Nima Sensor Tested

Cap City Diner

This restaurant may be my most recommended restaurant in Columbus if you're looking for some classic American food. Cap City Diner has have tons of gluten-free options that are all very safe and trust worthy. The coolest thing is that they actually bring your out gluten-free rolls before you eat just like normal restaurants! While I was there I got to try the Salmon Burger + Fries and a delicious Vegetable Plate dish! Each item with the Nima Sensor came back under 20 PPM of gluten.

Northstar Cafe

Northstar Cafe is a restaurant I loved even before I moved to Tampa, FL. Many of the options are gluten free and they can even be swapped out with a vegan option. My go-to item at this restaurant is the Buddha Bowl. It's filled with brown rice, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, tofu or chicken, and a delicious peanut sauce! I get this nearly every time I am in town but you can also get sweet potato fries in a dedicated dryer as well. They have many gluten-free items for every meal and each item we tested with the Nima Sensor came back under 20 PPM as well.


Marcella's was a restaurant that we had the most concern about. They serve many gluten-free flatbreads that are made in a dedicated section and oven. Going into this dinner, we felt pretty confident that the staff knew all about gluten. Our team of 10 gluten-free influencers attended and we all tested our meals while we were there. Gluten free bread and flatbread was served to nearly every one of us. Each piece of bread that we tested came back as "low gluten" which means that the item was between 20 PPM and 15,000 PPM of gluten. We were reassured by the staff that everything was safe but that the kitchen was of course shared. The Nima Sensor gave us the choice to either eat the food that was given to us and hope that it was closer to 20 PPM, or send it back. We all felt safe based on what the staff told us, ate our meal, and none of us got sick! Interestingly enough, all of the salads and natural items came back as under 20 PPM.

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