How to Successfully Travel Gluten Free + Some Unknown GF Travel Facts

How often do you travel gluten-free? Once a month? A few times a year? If you're like most people, you know that traveling gluten free is one of the hardest things to do no matter how many times you do it. With my job, I happen to travel all across the U.S. to about 10-15 cities a year. Because of that, I can definitely say that I've learned some tips and tricks over the years to successfully travel gluten-free with minimal slip ups. Some tips are easy to know while others you may not have heard of before! Here are some great tips to successfully travel gluten-free no matter where you go with the support of my favorite gluten-free bread company, Canyon Bakehouse.

Take these steps when traveling gluten-free:

1. Research the city you are going to + the stops you'll have along the way

You probably already do research for your vacation or business trip. Make sure you do it for your food too! If you're flying and have a layover at an airport, make sure you research if that airport has gluten-free options. If you're driving and have a long road trip, map some restaurants that have gluten-free options so you know where to stop!

2. Bring a suitcase full of gluten-free snacks if traveling for a long time

One thing I always do is pack a bag or check a suitcase full of gluten free products. I fly Southwest and they allow for you to check 2 bags and have a carry on! This allows for you to have plenty of room for snacks so you won't go hungry on your trip. You can't control what options are available where you're traveling but you can always control the food you bring with you.

3. Bring Canyon Bakehouse Bread to pack a sandwich for the trip

I seriously do this almost every trip. Canyon Bakehouse bread lasts 7 days out of the freezer which makes it perfect for travel! I usually pre-make sandwiches and put them in plastic zip block bags for my flight. You can take it through airport security which makes it a perfect worry-free meal. It's super fluffy, soft, has great taste, and it makes traveling much easier.

4. Use an app like Find Me Gluten Free when in the city

If you get to your destination and still find yourself having no clue where to eat, try downloading the Find Me Gluten Free app on your phone. This app allows for you to research restaurants in your area and see their gluten-free menus, if they have any. It also allows for you to see other people's experiences so you know if each restaurant is truly safe or not. This is a great last step to find a restaurant with the best options!

My sandwiches I made for my trip to Pasadena, California using Canyon Bakehouse Bread!