How to Be Prepared For Any Gluten Free Situation (Which is hardest for you?)

Have you ever been in a situation where you were too busy to make a meal? Have you been out and about, in between meetings, classes, or some sort of time contingent situation where fast food is the only option? Perhaps you have a child who plays sports and it's hard for them to have food before practice or after school activities. There are so many situations like this where finding food should be easy, but for those of us who are gluten-free, it's not that simple. We can't just grab fast food when on the road. We can't just quickly make a meal in between breaks. Cross contamination is too risky and let's be honest, our food takes much longer to prepare anyways. For those of us who are gluten-free, most situations on-the-go or away from home just aren't that easy. I've spent the last few years in situations where grabbing a quick fix of food wasn't an option. As much as I travel, I've had to learn how to be prepared for any gluten-free situation. That's why I'm here to share some tips based on what I've learned over the years with a little help from my friends at Enjoy Life Foods! How to be prepared for these gluten-free situations: Traveling on a plane Always, always, always bring your own snacks onto the plane! It is very rare that the plane will have food that is gluten-free. Even the peanuts contain gluten so bring your own gluten-free snacks to stay safe! Typically, airports will not have safe restaurants but there will be many gluten-free bars that you can get in the airport before your flight. My favorite bars as of late are the Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars...especially the Carrot Cake flavor! Explore all the Chewy Bar flavors, here. Traveling on a road trip Before your trip, research the restaurants along the path you will be taking to your destination! The best restaurants to look for along the way are Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A. Those will commonly be found on any road trip and they have some fairly safe options too. Either way, bring some snacks and possibly a cooler for pre-made food just in case. Enjoy Life Foods Grab & Go Packs are a great option for on the road. Learn more.

Some of the Enjoy Life Foods Products that I take on-the-go when I travel!

Breakfast for a busy morning The easiest way to be prepared for breakfast is to make some muffins, pancakes, or reheat-able options for the week. That way you can easily have something ready to go for any busy morning. Again, Enjoy Life Foods has a Pancake + Waffle Mix that is very easy to make and top 8 allergy free! Make these ahead of time so you'll have something to reheat in the morning. If you're too busy to even do that, have some meal replacement bars readily available instead. Lunch for kids / teens Use Sunday to lay out the weeks lunches for your child. Have a collection of snack bars to include, a selection of sides such as fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. to select from, and a few main dishes to swap out in the week. I recently did a blog post on this providing many gluten-free lunch ideas, here! It has tons of information to help. Lunch for adults I like to make my own wraps or sandwiches then pack them for the day. You can make a wrap, add turkey meat, veggies, and mayo, then wrap it in aluminum foil to make it compact and sealed. That's my favorite along with some chips and fruit in zip block bags. Just remember that eating something is better than nothing at all!