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The Best Gluten Free Products For Trick or Treat + An Easy Pumpkin Muffin in a Mug Recipe!

Every Halloween I get asked by tons of parents "what candies are gluten-free?" I usually direct them to my gluten-free candy list but this year I decided to search for candies that are certified gluten-free too! I've been gluten-free since I was 13 years years old so I know all about what candies are gluten-free and delicious. Halloween should be about enjoying the festivities and everything that comes along with it. You shouldn't have to worry about "what candies can myself or my kid enjoy this trick or treat?" Here's the best certified gluten-free products that I found for trick or treat with a little help from Enjoy Life Foods! Also, check out the easy pumpkin muffin in a mug recipe that's top 8 allergy free too!

Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffin in a Mug

This pumpkin muffin in a mug is top 8 allergy free and super easy to make! It only needs 5 ingredients and takes just minutes! It can be great for breakfast, dessert, or really any time of day. Get the full recipe, here!

The best gluten free products for Trick or Treat

Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Minis

These Chocolate Minis are my new favorite find for trick or treat! They're the perfect size plus they're top 8 allergy free too! It's sure to make trick or treating a whole lot easier for your kid or the allergy free children who come by. Learn more & order here.

Wholesome Organic Lollipops

Most lollipops are already gluten-free but they're typically full of artificial sugars and ingredients. These lollipops from Wholesome are Halloween themed, organic, certified gluten-free, and free of artificial sugars, ingredients, and colors! Learn more & order here.

UNREAL Peanut Butter Cups

I love that I stumbles across this awesome product before Halloween. These peanut butter cups are certified gluten-free, dairy free, vegan, organic, and non-gmo! They are much better for you than most candies and they taste even better than the typical peanut butter cup. Learn more & order here.

Enjoy Life Foods Mini Cookies

Yes, you can still enjoy cookies on trick or treat! These mini cookie packs are an awesome way to do so since they come in 7 different flavors. They're certified gluten-free and free of the top 8 allergens as well which makes them a fun treat to enjoy on Halloween. Learn more & order here.

Surf Sweets Halloween Treat Packs

Again, most gummies are gluten-free but these gummy packs are also organic too! These are a fun Halloween treat to get for trick or treat since they are free of artificial ingredients which makes them a much healthier option compared to the other candies out there. Learn more & order here.

Wholesome DelishFish

Swedish Fish were one of my favorite candies as a kid! The only thing is that they are still filled with tons of artificial sugars. The great thing about these DelishFish is that they are certified gluten-free, organic, and taste exactly the same! I would definitely recommend this delicious treat for any of you Swedish Fish lovers. Learn more & order here.

Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Snack Packs

These mini chocolate snack packs make enjoying chocolate chips a whole lot more convenient! They are dairy free as well as top 8 allergy free. They used to be my favorite product for trick or treat until the new chocolate minis came along. Now it's a tough decision between the 2 but these are still an awesome option since 12 snack packs come in each package. Learn more & order here.

Free2B Suncups

If you can't tolerate dairy or peanuts like many others then these Suncups are a great option for you! They are free of the top 8 allergies and full of sunflower seed butter to keep them peanut free. Even better, they now have Mini Suncups that make an awesome option for trick or treat! Learn more & order here.

My #1 tip to have a safe gluten free trick or treat:

"Don't keep your child or teen excluded from Trick or Treat! It's already hard enough for them to be gluten-free. Excluding them from one of the most fun times of the year would not make them feel any better. I recommend buying your own stash of gluten free candy for them that they can have...but still let them go out and enjoy Trick or Treat for what it is! Tell your child not to eat any candy until they get back. Once they get back, you can inspect their candy to make sure it's safe then swap out any gluten candy with some of the gluten-free ones that you bought. Everyone wins!"

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