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2018 : The Year of Loving Myself

This year I became more confident with who I am. I came out as bisexual (and got comfortable sharing my makeup hobby😉), I overcame some invisible illnesses, I strengthened my friendships, I became more honest with myself...but most of all, I did things for me. ❤️

While I am an extremely selfless person, I still make a point to put my own happiness first. That doesn’t mean I’m a dick to everyone who’s not me. That doesn’t mean I don’t do things for others. It just means I deserve a little self love and self care for all the hard work I put into caring for others each day.

If I didn’t work hard to love myself, there would be no way I could care about people as much as I do. There would be no way I could be this open and honest with all of you.

Yes, I may not know you personally, but if you’re reading this, I care about you and I truly do want to use some of my day to make yours better too. ☀️

Loving ourselves is the greatest way we can, in the end, spread love to one another. If you’re constantly trying to make other people happy in your life, make sure to do some things that make yourself happy too.

Whether it’s a new year or not, you deserve to love yourself and make yourself the happiest you can be. ❤️ Make 2019 the year of YOU. It’s going to be great and I’ll be here to keep spreading love along the way.

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I'm Taylor, a gluten-free guy with Celiac Disease, POTS, and a rare type of Adrenal Disorder. I overcame a lot during my teenage years and I'm on a journey to get the best out of my health (mentally and physically). Whether you're here for chronic illnesses or mental health; my goal is to share my story to help anyone feel happy & healthy in life. Read more...

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