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Why Men Need to Talk About Their Insecurities More

What a difference it would make if more men talked about their insecurities. I’m a man (shocker), and believe me, I have insecurities too.

“You look so skinny!”

“Your legs are so small!”

“Your laugh is so weird.”

While men get a ton of sh*t from other guys that can be harmless, it’s the comments at a young age that affect us the most.

“Man up”, they say.

“Stop being a girl.”

“You’re being too sensitive.”

Men and women alike, these comments carry on to adulthood, suppressing our insecurities even more. Men and women may deal with their insecurities in their own way, but they’re still there, nonetheless.

If I would have learned sooner that ALL people have insecurities then I would have been MUCH happier with myself earlier on.

Ladies, if you’ve had some asshole make a comment about your stomach, your thighs, or anything else with your entire being, know that they’re way more insecure about themselves.

Guys, if you’ve had some asshole make a comment about your weight, height, laugh, or anything else, know that they’re way more insecure about themselves too.

Shitty comments on YOUR body come from shitty people. Forget those people. You are unique and you deserve respect for the way that you are. Period. 👊🏼

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