How to Happily Work Out With an Invisible Illness

Working out should be meant for only one thing: to make yourself feel happier.

Whether you’re rehabilitating, trying to look better for you, trying to feel healthier, or just doing it for a mood boost; happiness should be your end result.

I’ve spent most of my life pushing my body well past the acceptable limit with my invisible illness. What I wish I learned sooner is that I don’t need to hate my workouts, I don’t need to dread going to the gym, and I don’t need to kill myself during workouts when my body is telling me “no more”.

Sure, there’s an acceptable way to push yourself, but always listen to your body if it’s telling you it’s too much. Always choose workouts that are best for YOU since your body isn’t the same as everyone else's.

Again, the end result of working out should be to feel happier with yourself. Your body is unique and so is your invisible illness if you have one.

Please don’t make yourself hate your workouts and hate the journey along the way. There’s absolutely an acceptable way to enjoy working out that works best for you. You just have to listen to your body too. ❤️