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Why Coming Out as Bisexual Left Me More Confused

Super Honest Time ❤️: Coming out as bisexual last year has only left me more confused. I asked myself, “why am I this way?” and, “is the reason ok?”

My reason is this: I’ve undergone a lot of trauma in my life. I grew up most of my childhood not trusting any men, simply because I was rarely given a reason to. Who I did trust was my mom. She showed me comfort, love, and care. In any time of need, she was always there.

As I grew older, those 3 things I needed always stayed consistent to me. I gravitated towards those who made me feel safe because I felt that was most important. Surprisingly enough, this never excluded boys either. I never cared what gender someone was because I only cared about how comfortable they made me feel.

Back then, calling someone “gay” was considered funny, and I admittedly joined in too. I suppressed any feelings I had for boys because the last thing I wanted was to be called “gay” for real.

As an adult, I can finally say that I understand myself and who I am. I’m empathetic, loving, caring, and all I want is for those around me to be happy. I don’t care what gender someone is because comfort and trust matters to me above all else.

Love, to me, knows no gender. I’m proud to be #bisexual, and now I’m proud to know myself and love exactly who I am. ❤️

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