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Short Reminder: Comparing Diets Help No One

I’m tired of all these diets being compared.

Seriously, when did it become a competition to see which diet makes you the best human being?

“Paleo? But have you you tried keto?”

“You’re eating gluten-free the wrong way!” ”You’re vegetarian? Why not vegan?” ⠀ Gluten-free, vegan, paleo, keto, and whatever other new trend is out…who effin’ cares? As long as you are eating the way that makes YOU feel best, just keep doing you!

Without boasting or judging others, what diet(s) do you live? I’m gluten-free and pescatarian because it makes ME feel best! 🙌🏼⠀

About Me
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I'm Taylor, a gluten-free guy with Celiac Disease, POTS, and a rare type of Adrenal Disorder. I overcame a lot during my teenage years and I'm on a journey to get the best out of my health (mentally and physically). Whether you're here for chronic illnesses or mental health; my goal is to share my story to help anyone feel happy & healthy in life. Read more...

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