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Adversity Changed Me, But I'm Still Here

Going through illness & abuse has not made life easy.

If you’re like me, a victim of any extreme adversity, you know how it changes you.

I’m not glad I had those negative experiences…I still DO have triggers from what I’ve been through. However, despite going through ALL of these incredibly difficult adversities at a young age…I’m still alive….I’m still here.

Shouldn’t that be enough to be grateful for?

It is.

With the incredibly upsetting death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the 7 other passengers who passed in L.A. this week, I can’t help but feel distraught, but also impassioned for how important life is.

No one can control when it’s their time to go. No one truly knows what happens after they’re gone. That’s an incredibly scary thing. Despite all of these unsettling emotions that are so hard to process and understand, there is one thing that we do know above all else.

Life is important. Life is full of adversities, triumphs, anguish, solace, and so many more emotions that make living, LIVING.

I can’t change a single thing that has made my life incredibly difficult, but I CAN cherish the moments that I'm in, embrace the people that I love, and engulf myself in every emotion that washes over me in ANY experience that life presents.

If I'm not doing that despite what I've been through, then what's the point of even living at all?

This post is dedicated to every person who has been affected by someone passing too soon. 🖤

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