Asking For Consent is Sexy

Asking for consent is sexy.

Asking, “is this ok?” is sexy.

Asking, “can I...[use your imagination✨]?” is sexy.

Early on, I battled asking for consent versus “taking charge” on a regular basis. I never wanted to “ruin the mood” and I often found myself with people who felt like I ruined the mood if I asked.

After more experiences and well, life, I learned that there is nothing more sexy than someone who cares about you enough to make sure that YOU are ok with what is happening, even in a vulnerable state.

Intimacy SHOULD be shared with someone who wants your consent. You SHOULD always feel that you have the power to stop whatever you’re doing, whenever you want. Period.

One of the most intimate things you can do is make sure that the person you’re with is comfortable. Let’s stop thinking that asking for consent can “ruin the mood” and realize that asking for consent can only lead to more trust, comfortability, and intimacy in the future. After all, isn’t that what we all deserve? ✨💛