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5 Ways to Have Good Mental Health While Staying Indoors 😌

1. Get dressed every single day. 😊 That means put on ACTUAL pants and don’t let yourself get into a slump of staying in pajamas!

2. Make a list for your day. 🗒 You may feel unproductive in your day if you have “nothing to show for it.” That’s why if you make a list and check things off, you WILL have more happiness and a sense of accomplishment!

3. Think creatively. ✨ Start a project that interests you and give yourself something to work on each day. (Scrapbooking, reading, painting, coloring, writing, journaling, etc.) It’ll make such a difference!

4. Go outside at LEAST 3 times a day. ☀️ Just because your city is on lock-down does not mean you can’t step outside to enjoy the fresh air for a bit. Don’t come in contact with people, but PLEASE don’t stay inside 100% of the time!

5. Socialize anyway you can. 👫 Whether it’s Face-Timing a friend, calling your parents, or playing games with those you live with, please don’t go more than a day without socializing or it WILL affect your happiness.⠀

⠀ Since 15 years old I’ve been home-schooled and I’ve worked from home. I get how isolating it can please try some of these things to help. Each of these have added happiness to my life for years, even when much of my life was indoors! ⠀ ⠀ While we may be social distancing to be mindful of our physical health, it’s important to make sure our mental health is a priority too. ❤️

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