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The Repercussions of Doing Makeup as a Male

I remember the empowerment and nerves I felt from sharing this photo 2 years ago.

“Good for you! Be you, boo! 😘”⠀ “That skin! Werk! 😍”⠀ “You’re beautiful, with or without makeup. ❤️”

These were 3 of 246 comments shared on my first makeup photo. Just reading these comments now makes me feel so incredibly emotional from how supportive you all were.

While I constantly share the positive and embrace it, that only comes from hearing the other side of things too.

“He always seemed like the type.”⠀ “Is he going to show up in a dress next time we see him?”⠀ “Why does he have to share his makeup for everyone to see? It’s embarrassing.”

These were all comments from people in my personal life, many behind my back. I’ve since come to terms with those words and realized that it says more about them than it does me, but god what awful things to say about someone who is just trying to figure themselves out.

I do makeup because it makes me happy and it helps me embrace my feminine side that I’m still learning more about. Is that really something worth judging and making fun of? Not at all.

I’m so grateful that a large majority of the comments from all of you has been so positive. I know insecure, judgemental people will always exist in the world, but let’s all make sure we don’t judge people for trying to figure out who they are. After all, aren’t we all trying to do the same thing? 💛⠀

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