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What Re-Homing My Pets Really Taught Me

I just re-homed my ferrets, Fury and Leo, and it was tough to go through.

Leading up to this decision I felt guilt, worry, and indecisiveness if I was making the right decision.

"Does this make me a bad person?"⠀ "Does this mean I didn't love them enough?"⠀ "Does this mean I should have never got them in the first place?"

I was worrying all of these things. I was putting guilt on myself when really...

"I've loved them so much since day one."⠀ "I don't have the time to give them the attention they deserve."⠀ "There is a loving family out there who can give them a happier life than with me."

When I started thinking about why I really wanted to re-home them I realized it all came from a place of love...and that's ok.

I now know that a loving family got 2 wonderful pets during this time, I now feel better knowing that I don't have to feel guilty for not having time for them, and I now know that my 2 sweet ferrets are finally getting the love and attention they deserve.

Moral of my story: While it's easy to think, "if I love them enough I should hold on to them", sometimes it’s good to know that, "if I love them enough I should know when to let them go", is ok as an option too. 💛

It goes without saying that this lesson applies to more than just ferrets in life. This has been hard for me but I hope my story is helpful to you. ⠀

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