Is Coffee Gluten Free?

Wondering "Is coffee gluten-free?" is something I don't think most people worry about. But coffee is actually something very common that can very easily not be gluten-free and get you sick without you knowing! Here is a list of tips to help avoid coffee that may contain gluten and some things to know about coffee too. Also, below you will find a gluten free coffee list of all the main producers and places that sell coffee.

Tips for avoiding gluten in coffee:

Be careful of coffees at work!

Most of the coffees in work offices are usually the cheap brands that are much more likely to contain gluten so be careful.

Cross contamination is the main cause of reactions from coffee!

A lot of restaurants / coffee houses have disclaimers stating that their is a chance of cross contamination when the coffee is brewed and cannot be controlled.

Buy ground coffee from stores instead of already brewed coffee from restaurants!

In coffee shops other products are sold like, donuts, bagels, muffins, etc. But when you buy ground coffee from the store it is individually packaged and has a far less chance of being cross contaminated with any other products.

Avoid the flavored coffees and stick to the originals you know will be gluten-free!

Many of the flavored coffees are the ones that are the most dangerous, especially the ones from gas stations, fast food, & some restaurants too. Stick to the simple ones and flavor yourself. It's much safer.

Coffee Shops

Caribou Coffee

All coffees are labeled gluten-free EXCEPT the ones listed below! There are also no disclaimers stating the chances of cross contamination related to gluten on their page.

  • All Chocolate Covered Espressos

  • Coffee Mocha