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Why I Keep Posting Pictures With Flowers

Why have I been posting pictures with flowers? Because I can.

I am a man, but I can be whatever I want to be!

I can be strong / I can be vulnerable

I can be handsome / I can be beautiful

I can be physical / I can be gentle

I can be serious / I can be silly

I am all of these things because it's what makes me, me. I've spent too much of my life trying to conform to whatever gender norms society has placed on us. I say, "who cares?" Be you, be happy. That's all that matters.

I'm going to keep posting pictures of me with flowers because it's pretty, it's empowering for me, and it subtly breaks gender norms. 💁‍♂️ Whether you're a man or woman, go buy yourself flowers this weekend! You have my guarantee that it will make your day so much brighter. 💛

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I'm Taylor, a gluten-free guy with Celiac Disease, POTS, and a rare type of Adrenal Disorder. I overcame a lot during my teenage years and I'm on a journey to get the best out of my health (mentally and physically). Whether you're here for chronic illnesses or mental health; my goal is to share my story to help anyone feel happy & healthy in life. Read more...

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