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23 Things About Me 😊

I've been blogging since I was 15 years old...isn't that crazy? I can't even explain how much I've changed over the course of 8 years. In fact, I feel like a brand new person every couple months! It's been a while since I shared a little about me, so here's 23 things about me to get to know the person behind everything that you read. 😊

23 things about me:

  • I'm 23 years old.

  • I sort of liked Nickleback when I was younger. 😂

  • I don't have a "favorite" anything...just "favorites"!

  • I am an INFP personality type.

  • I have moved 16 times.

  • Yellow and pink are my favorite colors.

  • I love movies that don't end well. (Million Dollar Baby 😱)

  • I started these pages when I was 15 years old. (It was originally called "GlutenAway")

  • I eat pescatarian, gluten-free, and dairy free. (Because it makes my body happy!)

  • I lived in Germany for 4 years.

  • I love color coordinating my outfits to look 💯.

  • My energy is described as warm and comforting.

  • Being a marketing manager for Sonoma Flatbreads is one of my main jobs.

  • At 14 years old I was told I'd have 3 months to live.

  • I was born in Columbus, OH and live here now. (Go bucks!)

  • National parks are my favorite places to travel to.

  • I understand women more than I do men. 😂

  • I have Celiac Disease, an adrenal condition, and POTS (a blood condition).

  • I use POT. 😂 (To medicinally help with my chronic's incredible!)

  • I'm pansexual. (Open to any experience since I rely on connection the most)

  • I started going to therapy this year. (I'd recommend it to everyone)

  • I often let my empathy get in the way of my decision making. (I'm working on it 😅)

  • I co-own a bakery with my mom and it's INCREDIBLE! (

  • I'm clearly bad at math because this is more than 23 😂

  • I am still figuring out life. (No one has it figured out!)

  • I'm open and vulnerable about anything and everything. 💛

No matter when you started following me I hope you enjoyed learning more about who I am! 😊 I'm curious to know, when did you first start following me?

About Me
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I'm Taylor, a gluten-free guy with Celiac Disease, POTS, and a rare type of Adrenal Disorder. I overcame a lot during my teenage years and I'm on a journey to get the best out of my health (mentally and physically). Whether you're here for chronic illnesses or mental health; my goal is to share my story to help anyone feel happy & healthy in life. Read more...

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