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5 Bloggers Share Their Gluten Free Stories - Supported by Enjoy Life Foods

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month and everyone's story for getting diagnosed is a little bit or a lot different. This month I decided to put together this special campaign from us 5 bloggers to share our gluten-free stories with you! Not all of us were diagnosed with celiac disease but all of us are gluten-free and have been impacted by it in some way. Special guests include Cindy Gordon (Vegetarian Mamma), Chrystal Carver (Gluten Free Palate), Esther Trevino (The Gluten Free Nerd), Jules Shepard (gfJules), and myself! We hope to spread awareness by sharing our stories and we encourage you to share your gluten-free stories too. You never know who it could help!

Our Gluten Free Stories

It's important to know that there are many ways that people get diagnosed. Some learn about it from a friend, some their kids, and some on their own! Our gluten-free diagnosis led us bloggers to do what we do you. We're happy to spread celiac disease awareness every month and you can help by sharing your story too! For some of the blogger's full, uncut stories, you can watch them below.

Vegetarian Mamma's Full Gluten Free Story

Gluten Free Palate's Full Gluten Free Story

The Gluten Free Nerd's Full Gluten Free Story

Why Sharing Your Gluten Free Story is Important:

Your gluten free story is very unique to you. It's different in its own way and it's the essence as to why you are gluten-free today. I'm sure you didn't get diagnosed gluten-free on your own. If you think back, you probably heard about celiac disease or a gluten intolerance due to an interaction you had with someone else. 86% of people with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance are currently undiagnosed or misdiagnosed at the moment. Think about how many people are walking around feeling horrible every day with no clue why. Sharing your story is important because it creates awareness for those people who may be able to relate. They may hear your symptoms that you had and think, "hey...I have those too." Don't be afraid to share your story because it truly can make a difference this celiac disease awareness month or any time of the year.

What's your gluten free story? How did you get diagnosed? Feel free to share below!

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