Tips for Hosting a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving + 5 Gluten Free Recipes!

Thanksgiving is the time of year that many of us love. You get to see family members you haven't seen in a while, eat food you normally wouldn't eat, and enjoy the company of loved ones around you. Thanksgiving should be a wonderful experience we all look forward to (if you can tolerate your family for that long). However, being gluten-free can make the whole experience a lot more stressful than it already is. How do you make it a little more manageable, you ask? By playing host to your family's Thanksgiving! There are many ways to host a gluten-free Thanksgiving or be a part of one without causing a hassle to everyone involved. I've actually done it many times and it's been a very fun experience! Here's some tips from myself with the help of Enjoy Life Foods on How to Host a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving. Enjoy some of the recipes below too!

Plan ahead of time

As usual, it's best to plan ahead of time for any family gathering that involves food. Talk to your family and figure out what type of food they'd like to have there. If many of the dishes they want contain gluten then you can go about it 2 ways.

  1. Have them bring their own dish. Label the gluten containing items or have them be completely separate, altogether.

  2. Look up some recipes to create gluten-free versions of the dishes they want to enjoy!

You're the planner so ultimately the final decision comes down to you.

Do some recipe research to be prepared

The best Thanksgiving meals come from finding the best recipes. There are many great resources for finding gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes like Gluten Free Palate, My Gluten Free Kitchen, Enjoy Life Foods' recipe page, or even this post containing my favorites! Stuffing and desserts are a big one to figure out. Here's 4 Enjoy Life Foods recipes that are top 8 allergy free, too!

These 2 recipes are awesome for an appetizer if you need! You can enjoy this Whipped Gingerbread Spice Butternut Squash (on the left) by getting the recipe,