I Improve My Life Every Week With This

Hey there! I'm back for another edition of Taylor Talks. The gist of this post is about your life and how you can do a few simple things to improve it. Life is hard and it's good to acknowledge that no one's life is easy. (Mine certainly hasn't been easy since I was told I'd only have 3 months to live at the age of 13 years old...yikes. Read here.)

I've always felt that the best knowledge comes from learning from other's experiences (as well as your own). With that being said, this series will be all about sharing my positive approach to life to help you overcome whatever life throws at you. Dealing with chronic illnesses, dating, social situations, stress, sexuality, kids/teenagers, mental health, physical health, and so much more will be covered in this series. So here we go. Let's talk about life. After all, that's what I'm here for.

How I Improve My Life Every Week

I pay pretty close attention to my body and the food that I put inside of it each day. I'm sure you do too with whatever food restriction that you have. Food is important to our bodies and how we feel each day. With that being said, there is so much more to our bodies that requires self-care every week.

Mental health and physical health are just as important as what you eat to feel your best. If you workout or stay active then that's great! But how often do you take time to hit the pause button and breathe? As in truly pausing in this crazy life that we live to reflect on the life that you have.

Take a look around you. Ask yourself, "What makes me happy in your life? What makes me sad? What can I work on to make yourself happier?" This is something that I do once or twice a week to constantly work on my happiness.

Whether you're old or young, I believe we should always take time to work on ourselves every week. Going to the park or doing yoga can make it easier to have this time to reflect. But if this type of stuff isn't for you, that's fine! Either way, I've truly found that it can be pretty easy to add happiness to your life by taking it into your own hands.