How to Remain Selfless & Happy

Listen up selfless people! If you’re like me and spend SO much of your life trying to care for others, know this...selflessness can only go so far without self-love! ❤️

I’ve always been a caregiver and someone who puts others before me. I’d love making people happy without expecting anything in return...but only for so long. Eventually, I’d feel unappreciated, irritable, and like I wasn’t giving myself the love I deserve.

If you’re like me, please remember to take time to take care of yourself too. Dance by yourself in your room, take yourself to the movies, go for a walk outside, or do whatever you feel like doing when you spend time alone!

While it may feel selfish, it’s not. We NEED this time to love ourselves so that we can keep being selfless to others too. ❤️