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Emotional Abuse is Still Abuse

Emotional abuse is still abuse.

To no fault other than my own, I’ve spent most of my dating life in emotionally abusive relationships. I believed when people told me that my medical issues were annoying, I needed to be more fit, or I needed to act more manly. Relationship after relationship, I accepted this abuse not knowing it was emotional abuse at all.

Their hurtful words quickly turned into my own thoughts about myself. I truly thought I’d always be annoying for having medical issues that weren’t “easy” for others to “deal with”. Worst of all, I truly thought I’d never be loved for who I am.

The problem with all of these negative thoughts is that they weren’t my own to begin with. They came from the mouths of selfish people that should have never spoken to me this way in the first place.

Since last year, I’ve dated a lot and worked hard to expose myself to treatment that I DESERVE. None of it has been easy, but acknowledging that I’m a kind person that deserves better treatment was the first step to recovery.

Bottom line: Don’t let the hurtful words of an unhappy person affect the way you truly think about yourself. If you’ve experienced abuse of any kind please know that you’re not alone. Emotional abuse is still abuse. You should never feel invalidated just because you don’t show your abuse on your skin. - Taylor ❤️

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