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Who NOT to Follow on Social Media

​​Believe it or not, I’ve given some social media “celebrities” a LOT of real estate in my head these last few years. I’ve followed people that make me feel bad about myself. I’ve looked at someone’s misleading post and gotten worked up about it in my head. Not anymore.

These negative thoughts from somebody that I don’t even know isn’t worth the time. I’m always surrounding myself with positive people in my life, so shouldn’t I do the same on social media too?

Well, of course! And it’s so ridiculous how easy it is too. Seriously, it only takes hitting a freaking “unfollow” button to make some negative thoughts go away.

If you have anybody that you follow that gives you negative feelings (even about yourself) on a regular basis, I encourage you do to what I did and hit that “unfollow” button! If they’re not adding anything good to your life, then who needs them!

Bottom line: Fill your life with positive people who lift you up, not negative people who bring you down. And yes, that includes social media too 😉 (P.S. I hope I make the cut! 😂)

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