Self-Worth Comes From You...Not a Relationship

When it comes to relationships, I am not half, I am whole.

I rely on myself for happiness.

I don’t use my illnesses as a crutch.

I take accountability for my mental health.

I do all of these things because I never want to place my value or self-worth into the hands of another. That belongs to me.

Sometimes when we leave a relationship, we feel that part of us stays with it. Part of us feels that we did wrong, we weren’t enough, our value is LESS...but really, we are still whole.

That relationship ended because that relationship changed. You changed. They changed. Things are always changing, and that’s ok. That doesn’t make you a sh*tty person for the relationship no longer being what it was.

You don’t need a relationship to determine your self-worth. You don’t need another half to make you whole. That’s what YOU are for. You are still whole. ❤️